Drawer Systems​


Our Alloy drawers account for more than 50% of our drawer orders.

They are the lightest 4WD drawers on the market by far.
RV Alloy drawers offer a considerable weight saving over traditional steel drawers. Typical weight saving for an Alloy Twin Drawer system as opposed to a steel twin drawer system in a Land Cruiser 200 Series is 31kg!!!

Which drawer system is best suited to my needs?
This video looks at the different 4wd drawer configurations available from RVSS.
We also have great videos on our channel showing popular vehicles fitted with our gear.

Premium Twin Drawers


Our most popular drawer configuration. Ideal for Wagons and Utes. Available in Standard Height (H275mm) and Trade Height (H365mm).

Easy Access Combo Drawers


Easy Access Combo drawer systems are so named for the easy accessibility they give you to your fridge. Ideal for Wagons or Utes with a range of Fridge Slides to suit all fridge sizes.

EcoLite Twin Drawers


The best value steel Twin Drawer on the market. EcoLite has the same bearings, runners and slam latch as it’s Premium Twin sibling, but without the bells and whistles.

Premium Tourer-1 System


The Tourer-1 system combines our EAC-2L with the Bushman 85 litre upright fridge and our Slim Line drawer. This is the top end of town…

Fridge Drawer Combo

One part fridge and one part drawer, the perfect drawer system for weekends and family gathering……

Premium Modules


Module Premium drawers are ideal for trade vehicles or tray back utes with gull wing canopies. They can be fitted to any flat surface.

EcoLite Modules


Module EcoLite drawers are a lighter steel drawer which are now available in single or twin configuration. Ideal for most trades vehicles.

Slim Line Drawers

Our Slim Line drawer can be mounted to any flat surface. Ideal for those small, light items that need to be easy to find and access, such as cutlery etc.

Premium Single Drawer

The single drawer with wing kit is ideal for all Utes and Wagons. Available in Standard Height (275 mm) and Trade Height (365mm).

Single Wide Module

Our Single Wide Module is an extension of our Twin/ Single Module allowing you to have a drawer 650mm wide drawer for your ute, wagon or even van.


rv premium drawer frame, drawer and inbuilt fridge sliderv premium drawer frame, drawer and inbuilt fridge slide
Exposed steel frame of an RV Premium 1000 Twin Drawer System with Inbuilt Fridge Slide. Quality all the way!
twin row bearings and stainless steel runners detail imagetwin row bearings and stainless steel runners detail image
Stainless steel runners and unique twin row bearings keep your drawers rolling smooth
RVSS auto lock out latchRVSS auto lock out latch
RVSS Premium Drawers now come fitted with an auto lock out latch
RVSS slam stainless steel slam latchesRVSS slam stainless steel slam latches
RVSS Premium Drawers are fitted with our own design stainless steel slam latches
RVSS bearing panel detail 2950RVSS bearing panel detail 2950
A detail photo of the side bearing panel showing Inbuilt Fridge Slide bearing and dimpled panels

ADR Crash Test Certified

Space, space and more space! That's what you get with an RV Storage Solutions drawer system fitted to your 4WD vehicle.

How many times have you been on a trip and say to yourself, next time I have to be better organised, I’m sick of moving everything to get at something down the bottom! Not any more! With one of RV’s storage drawer systems fitted, you just roll out the drawer and trouble free access to all your gear is a breeze.
With drawer dividers available, being organised and keeping your goods separate is no longer a chore. You will marvel at how much extra room is achieved, no cumbersome wheel arches, just a huge flat floor. Your storage space will virtually double and your trip will be so much more enjoyable and manageable. Being neat and organised is the key to a successful trip.

RV Premium Alloy and Steel Drawer Systems unique features: -

  • Stainless steel drawer locks
  • Quick release drawers on Premium range
  • Dual bottom bearings
  • Dimpled drawer bearing panels – the strongest in the business!
  • Strong durable and secure
  • Flush fitted heavy duty lift up tie downs
  • Full size lift out side wing panels for easy jack panel access
  • Heavy duty checker plate aluminium protective edging on Premium range 
  • One piece folded steel fridge slide (the strongest available)
  • Stainless steel, aluminium and zinc coated metal components only used
  • Wing Kits are available to allow your system to be fitted to another vehicle that accepts the same size and configuration of drawers.