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EcoLite Twin Drawer Systems

ADR Crash Test Certified

RV EcoLite is an exciting steel drawer system from RV Storage Solutions.
For many years we have been making the indestructible RV Premium range of drawer systems and realise the need for a more economical range with a lighter footprint.
New vehicles demand a lighter payload but consumers still want a robust and tough storage solution.
Well that unique combination is now available!!!
Using construction methods only seen in the Aeronautical industry to date, we have designed a smart, light and tough, full steel roller bearing twin drawer storage system, that’s also light on the hip pocket.

4WD Wagon Ecolite drawers with Hayden Oliver
Hayden Oliver runs through the features of our EcoLite Drawers for 4×4 wagons.

Plus it’s made right here in Australia by the Oliver family who have been making storage systems for almost 25 years.
The RV EcoLite storage system is also smart!!!
All of the RV Premium accessories such as fridge slides, cargo barriers, top shelf combos, child restraints etc, are available for and will fit to RV EcoLite drawer system.​
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ABOVE: EcoLite Twin Drawers offer the best value on the market.

Features unique to RV ECOLITE drawers
The EcoLite slam latches are the same rugged design as our stainless Premium latches, but with a tough satin black powder coat finish and new toughened redesigned barrel lock.
Specially made full width chrome steel bearings provide longer life to both the bearing and drawer runner and are the strongest in the industry.
RV’s slam latches are comfortable and easy to use.
Many features of the RV Premium are used in the RV EcoLite such as:
• Full 18mm thick floor with UV friendly carpet
• Carpet lined cross braced drawers
• Fully carpeted drawer fronts as standard
• Sealed roller bearing action
• Slam Latch handle design – finished in black powder coat
• Interchangeable wing kits
• 12 months warranty
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