Single Wide Module PREMIUM

ADR Crash Test Certified

SINGLE OR MULTIPLE WIDE MODULES – the choice is yours…

If your application calls for WIDE drawers in a combination of single, double or even triple, then check out RV’s Wide Drawer Module. 

Like all RV Premium drawer systems, the WIDE Module is built using our special bearing recess dimple tool, creates smooth flush sided drawer modules which allow for any number to be joined together vertically or horizontally (see pics below).

These modules are virtually portable storage. Simple and effective and come in a range of sizes that will fit your needs.

You can stack them vertically or horizontally or in whatever combination you need. They are quick and easy to install and will get your gear sorted and easily accessible. A Premium Module drawer system easily accepts a stand alone Heavy Duty Fridge Slide on top if you need one, making a neat package. Available only Premium Steel!

Single Wide Module

PX Ranger 2019 LINER 1400x650W half drawer (13)PX Ranger 2019 LINER 1400x650W half drawer (13)
Hilux SR5 fitted with Single Premium Steel drawer in trade height and Fridge Slide-3.
amarok trade height half drawer ()amarok trade height half drawer ()
Amarok fitted with Premium Steel Single drawer in Trade Height with Drawer Dividers.
200 SERIES tray back conversion_2x wide modules_002200 SERIES tray back conversion_2x wide modules_002
200 SERIES tray back conversion 2 x wide Modules

RV Premium Alloy and Premium Steel Drawer Systems unique features: -

  • DIMPLED BEARING PANELS – The flush fitting dimpled side panels are unique to our drawers. Bearing bolts are fitted into these pressings creating the strongest, flush fitting side panels in the business. With the advantage of no protruding bolt heads, the bearing panels can be carpeted on the outside for quieter, safer cargo storage in the wing area. (Note bearing panels are supplied galvanised). 
  • FULL WIDTH BEARINGS – Specially made full width bearings provide longer life to both the bearing and drawer runner and are the strongest in the industry. 
  • UNIQUE STAINLESS STEEL SLAM LATCHES – We have designed and added a new stronger locking system with new heavy duty lock barrels to keep your valuable gear safe. 
  • Quick release drawers on Premium range
  • Strong durable and secure
  • Flush fitted heavy duty lift up tie downs
  • Heavy duty checker plate aluminium protective edging on Premium range
  • Stainless steel, aluminium and zinc coated metal components only used