Cargo Shelf – 1400
suits FS-3.5 in EAC-1



Maximum fridge height 540mm.

Excludes freight and fitting charges.

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CARGO SHELF-1400 for Easy Access Combo-1L  drawer systems. Fits over FS-3.5  fridge slide space. To suit L1400mm long drawer systems.
Suits EAC-1: L1400mm drawer with FS-3.5 slide
Shelf Dimensions: L1400mm x W570 x H62mm
Resulting drawer width: W450mm (w1020) W570mm (W1140mm)
Weight: 21kg approx.

Additional information

Weight 10.5 kg


Hey guys and gals. Hope you are all well. We are planning for our big lap for later this year and have been looking at drawers for the rear of our Y62 Patrol. I just wanted to tell everyone about my experience today at the caravan show in Melbourne. We ran into this stand for RV Storage Solutions. Now I assure you, I have absolutely no ties to these guys or ulterior motive. I just wanted to say that they were amazing. Really friendly, accommodating, informative. Their systems are absolutely amazing, are fit for crash standards and firearms storage in Australia, a fraction of the price of the other large brands and best of all... 100% Australian made here in Victoria. Needless to say we signed up on the spot and look forward to going to have them professionally fitted at their factory in a few weeks once they have made them. If you are in the market I highly recommend giving them a call! They also do storage boxes for caravans and all.

Cheers, Tuckers.
24 February, 2020

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know my RV Drawers are now in, and they're an awesome great product. Greg Stone

Greg Stone
10 January 2020

Great service and an awesome Australian made product. I had my drawers installed last week by A.I.S in Sydney and am over the moon. Highly recommended.

Ben Tolson
11 October 2019

We wanted to replace a pull out kitchen on our caravan with a storage drawer. We encountered RV Storage Solutions at a 4x4 show and were impressed with the quality and extent of the display. The staff were proactive and involved in suggesting what was possible. We were able to see and try what we were looking for and ordered immediately with some modifications, including aluminium for lighter weight rather than steel. It was worth the trip from Melbourne Eastern suburbs to Gisborne for the fitting of the storage drawer and lid, which was done while we waited. We are delighted with the result - the drawer is solid, works beautifully and looks great! We would recommend RV Storage Solutions. Thanks Tash and staff!

Sue Johnson
31 August 2019

We recently purchased the Easy Access Combo 2 drawer system, Cargo Barrier and Top Shelf for our 2015 LandCruiser 200 Series. We self installed the drawers and my adult son and I took about five hours to complete the job. All went well and the job looks like it was installed by a professional workshop. This is our second “Oliver Family” built drawer system, having purchased a BW system in 2010, which was sold with the vehicle. We would recommend these drawer systems to anyone, we cannot fault the excellent service we received from RV Storage Solutions. They are not cheap, but are built very strong from Australian products, this makes them well worth the cost.

Kyn & Lorraine Hewett
11 November, 2016

I ordered an RV EcoLite Cargo Slide or my PX Ranger ute. I have been really pleased with it. It fits well between the wheel arches, leaving room for my auxiliary battery and other bits and pieces. The slide rolls very well and the multiple locking points work well and are likewise well spaced. There is the exact space I need to store my 41lt ice chest behind the fridge and I have plenty of access to the chest. On the other side of the slide I have found heavy duty plastic tubs to fit perfectly. I now have easy access to the contents of my ute tub without breaking my back & knees.

Malcolm Harley
1 September, 2018

Very happy with the set up as its making work a breeze being so organised and able to access all tools with ease. Thanks again for delivering your promise on delivery date ( actually 1 day earlier! ) it was a pleasant surprise after the more than average customer service received from ARB!

Mick Archer
20 June 2018

"Really neat and tight guys. I love them - quality and premium."

Archie Makuwa
17 December, 2017

I just wanted to drop you a note after having a set of your premium drawers installed by TJM Airport West. I'm extremely impressed with the fit and finish of the twin drawer system. They fit perfectly into the back of my Hilux and will be invaluable on camping and 4wd trips with our 2 kids. Usable space has been increased dramatically, and combined with a Clearview ES-100 drop down fridge slide will make travelling far more convenient and enjoyable. Thanks very much.

18 December, 2017

I have a set of BW drawers plus shelf and divider in my 200 Series LandCruiser and can only rave about these drawers! Multiple trips through outback Australia, Kimberly and the Pilbara, Simpson desert etc, and the drawers have never missed a beat. They are without a doubt the best drawers available, and now you’re back – fantastic! When I do build my next truck, it WILL be with RV drawers. If I’m up your way, I’ll drop in to say hello. Very best wishes!

Ian Baker
17 June, 2017

I've had these RV drawers fitted to my 80 then 100 series cruiser’s & now fitted to my 2013 200 series. The drawers have been used to carry work tools all this time & get a fair bit of a work out. I would highly recommend RV Storage Solutions as these drawers are over 10 years old & yes they do get used for the holiday trips as well.

29 August 2016

To the sales staff I recently fitted a set of your drawers which have proven to be a valuable asset to my vehicle. They are fitted in my MN Triton.

Rick Heaton
7 June 2013

To the sales staff at RV, We recently purchased a Twin Drawer system with fridge slide, cargo barrier, roof rack, awning and 2 swags from Outback 4WD in Bayswater, Victoria. The service at both Outback and RV was excellent. We are very happy to have purchased an Australian made product from companies who have been great to deal with. We would recommend your products to our friends, their service was second to none.

Judi McKinna
7 June 2013

I contacted your Melbourne office with a question regarding moving my drawer system from our 120 Series Prado to the 200 Series Landcruiser. I spoke with your sales staff and got the good news that this is in fact possible although the Landcruiser can accept a longer drawer system (1000mm as against 900mm for the Prado). I will just need to purchase a new wing kit for around $330 to do the conversion. Why would you not buy an Oliver designed drawer system, this is probably the best money we have spent on our current car, and it was the little woman that wanted them in the first place. It made the car so much more versatile and especially the convenience of always having the Engel on hand for those visits to the supermarket. So now with the knowledge that we can move these drawers to the new car, what a bonus... the little wife was the clever one on that spend. Thank's again for such a fabulous product for this household.

Phil & Dianne Gibson
6 June 2013

Mark, Just thought we should let you and Hayden and staff know that we have arrived at Tarrayoukyan and the only rattle we heard from the drawers & slide was removing a crownie not to far from home. The first thing our son Pete said was "did it rattle" I happily replied NO PROBLEMS. He promply replied you can't beat quality can you! So there you go the next generation is coming along so you better be ready, they may be fussier than us. Once again thanks and hope to see you soon.

Gerard & Judi
17th July 2008

Twin Drawer drawer system clocks up 450,000km When you have a product that you are proud of, it is always nice to get feedback from a very satisfied customer, we had such a customer Barry Johnson call up last week. Barry had just purchased a new Toyota 200 series GXL and wanted to retrofit his drawer system from his 100 series GXL. Needing to do some final sizing and templates we arranged for the vehicle to be re-fitted at our factory in Gisborne. On arrival in his new 200 series with the old drawers in tow, Barry proceeded to tell us how happy he had been with the system over the past 8 years!! We proceeded with a conversation and frankly, we were all quite amazed! Barry is a very keen 4WD enthusiast and both business and pleasure took him to all corners of Australia. Barry had purchased the drawers from Mark and Karen Oliver 8 years ago at the original Black Widow factory in New Gisborne for his 80 series Toyota. The system was subsequently retro fitted a few years later to a 100 series standard, then to a 100 series GXL and now into the new 200 series GXL. The drawer system has been around Australia several times including Cape York, The Great Australian Bight, Mt Newman, Margaret River, Flinders Rangers, The Canning Stock Route and almost all of the WA mining tracks. Surprisingly, about the only trip Barry had not attacked was the Simpson, this was his next planned trip in the new 200. Barry had worked out that the Black Widow system all up had travelled approximately 450,000 - 500,000 km over the past 8 years and included some of Australia's harshest terrain. Curiosity got the better of Hayden, our Technical executive and chief drawer builder. How did our system fair after so many years and miles around Australia? The system was placed into the jig for a service and the retrofit and found to be only 1.5mm out of square and apart from a general clean, worked perfectly. As a business we rigorously test all our products in some of the harshest off road and climatic conditions. (Sometimes it is just a good excuse to head outback for a few weeks). Stories like this only verify what we constantly strive for. The best off road storage systems available. We would like to thank Barry for his feedback and wish him luck on future trips. We will also be monitoring the drawer system.

Dear Sales team, Letting you know that the draw system installed by Action 4WD in Kelmscott was picked up last Saturday is terrific. Vera is very impressed with the pull out recess for the draws that you supplied. They are very practical. I must commend you and your team as well as your installers at Action on making this purchase a very enjoyable experience. We leave in about three weeks to travel up North and would not hesitate to show off your wonderful system and would recommend your product and installers whenever we can. Enclosing the warranty papers for your record.

Nick and Vera Blowers
24th April, 2007

Dear sales Team, Re: Draw kit 2005 Nissan Patrol After looking at a number of draw kits, I was most impressed with your product and I am pleased to say I made the correct choice. I have now completed two four-day trips in readiness for that big trip later in the year. I have been very pleased with the options I selected, as the whole system just worked perfectly. I was also very pleased with the way in which your company serviced my enquiry, dealt with my questions and finally installed your product. I would therefore like you to pass on my thanks to Mandy, Tash and Hayden who I believed installed my unit. Many thanks for a great product; I am now looking forward to many years of enjoyable touring. Best wishes. PS. Please thank Karen for attending to my only issue

Jim Cody
4th April 2007

Drawers are simply terrific - should have got them years ago. Definitely the best on the market.

Richard Valde
24th March 2004

Dear Mark, We got back from travelling through outback South Australia last Sunday and both Sue (my wife) and I both agreed that the drawers would have to be one of the best additions to the car we have put in. They made life a lot easier and were a convenient size. Best of all they actually decreased the noise level in the car particularly on unsealed roads as they didn't allow things to bounce around. And they didn't rattle. Feel free to use me as a reference to any potential customers.

Clayton Simmons
19th July 2000

The wait is worth it. Sit tight. We had Black Widow in our 100 Series Land Cruiser for 10 years until car was sold. We went straight back to RV for our 2018 Prado.

Melanie Riddell
15 April, 2020


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