Heavy Duty Inbuilt Slide

RVSS inbuilt fridges slides are the lightest, strongest and most compact way to slide your fridge in and out of your 4WD or utility.

Flush mounted with smooth action, our custom inbuilt fridge slide is hard to beat. All fridges on the market fit on this slide with weight not an issue as its rated to carry 100kg. The best thing about our inbuilt slide is that when your fridge is removed from the vehicle, you have a nice flat floor which is great when you need to carry other cargo.
With spring loaded flush mount stainless steel tie downs and a set of RV fridge restraint straps, you’re on the road and travelling safely. Available in 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm and 1300mm lengths, and on either the passenger or drivers side depending on your requirements, the heavy duty inbuilt fridge is a popular choice.
Check out RV’s 4 Different Fridge Slides and decide which slide suits you best!! 


Mitsubishi MQ Triton fitted with RV-1300 Inbuilt Fridge Slide on Premium 1400L Twin Drawers.
inbuilt fridge slide drawer out-1854inbuilt fridge slide drawer out-1854
Inbuilt Fridge Slide on L900mm twin drawers with 40 litre Engel on board.
An Engel 40 litre fridge mounted on an inbuilt slide in a Jeep Cherokee Premium twin drawer system.
Inbuilt fridge slide with Engel 40 mounted fitted to a Prado 150.
Hyundai iLoad Inbuilt Slide fitted to Premium twin drawers.
Everest fitted with RV Premium Twin Drawers, Inbuilt Slide and ADR tested cargo barrier.
inbuilt fridge slide tie downs engel 40inbuilt fridge slide tie downs engel 40
An Engel 40 fridge securely strapped down to the stainless steel rings.