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Slides - Tilt Slide Combo

Exclusive to RV Storage Solutions, the NEW Tilt Slide Combo is the fridge access system everyone has been looking for.
It is a complete fridge slide and vented barrier all in one product!

Featuring full aluminium construction this gas strut assisted slide gently and safely tilts your fridge to an angle that makes accessing the contents easy.

When completely tilted, the mechanism locks into place. It cannot descend on its own, making it safe for all ages to use.

Raising the fridge is effortless also. The fridge weight is counter balanced by the gas struts. Simply flick the locking lever and begin lifting the slide. It will float upwards, then slide back.

With interchangeable gas strut dynamics to match your load, life just gets easier.

The built in Cargo Shelf allows cargo to be stored on both sides and on top of the fridge while the vent holes punched side panels allow for plenty of ventilation. No more hassles with gear falling behind your fridge when the slide it extended.

This Combo is compact, light and great value! One purchase does it all and they are light in total weight at only 25kg (TSC-1) and 33.5kg (TSC-2.25) Great news for helping with your GVM.

Best of all, they are made in Australia by the Oliver family so you know they’re good.

NEW Tilt Slide Combo – 1

This slide ticks all the boxes. Low weight, compact size and is combined with the barrier – all for a great price!


ABOVE: 79 Series Landcruiser trayback fitted with the new Tilt Slide Combo.


Tilt Slide Combo-1

• 250kg rated slide runners
• Gas strut assisted
• Tough ripple finish powder coating
• Suits Engel 40 litre and similar size fridges

O/A size: L790 x W500 x H610mm
Tray size: L700 x W400mm (internal)
Tray to Shelf: H520mm (fridge space height)
Weight: 25kg (incl. Slide & Cargo Shelf)

ABOVE: The Tilt Slide Combo 2.25 suits Waeco CFX 75 and smilar size fridges. One simple purchase does it all.


Tilt Slide Combo-2.25

• 250kg rated slide runners
• Gas strut assisted
• Tough ripple finish powder coating
• Suits 
the Waeco 75 and similar size fridges

O/A size: L990 x W608 x H610mm
Tray size: L904 x W505mm (internal)
Tray to Shelf: H520mm (fridge space height)
Weight: 33.5 kg (incl. Slide & Cargo Shelf)


I ordered an RV EcoLite Cargo Slide or my PX Ranger ute. I have been really pleased with it. It fits well between the wheel arches, leaving room for my auxiliary battery and other bits and pieces. The slide rolls very well and the multiple locking points work well and are likewise well spaced. There is the exact space I need to store my 41lt ice chest behind the fridge and I have plenty of access to the chest. On the other side of the slide I have found heavy duty plastic tubs to fit perfectly. I now have easy access to the contents of my ute tub without breaking my back & knees.

Malcolm Harley
1 September, 2018

Very happy with the set up as its making work a breeze being so organised and able to access all tools with ease. Thanks again for delivering your promise on delivery date ( actually 1 day earlier! ) it was a pleasant surprise after the more than average customer service received from ARB!

Mick Archer
20 June, 2018

"Really neat and tight guys. I love them - quality and premium."

Archie Makuwa
17 December, 2017

I just wanted to drop you a note after having a set of your premium drawers installed by TJM Airport West. I'm extremely impressed with the fit and finish of the twin drawer system. They fit perfectly into the back of my Hilux and will be invaluable on camping and 4wd trips with our 2 kids. Usable space has been increased dramatically, and combined with a Clearview ES-100 drop down fridge slide will make travelling far more convenient and enjoyable. Thanks very much.

18 December, 2017

I have a set of BW drawers plus shelf and divider in my 200 Series LandCruiser and can only rave about these drawers! Multiple trips through outback Australia, Kimberly and the Pilbara, Simpson desert etc, and the drawers have never missed a beat. They are without a doubt the best drawers available, and now you’re back – fantastic! When I do build my next truck, it WILL be with RV drawers. If I’m up your way, I’ll drop in to say hello.

Ian Baker
17 June, 2017

We recently purchased the Easy Access Combo 2 drawer system, Cargo Barrier and Top Shelf for our 2015 LandCruiser 200 Series. We self installed the drawers and my adult son and I took about five hours to complete the job. All went well and the job looks like it was installed by a professional workshop. This is our second “Oliver Family” built drawer system, having purchased a BW system in 2010, which was sold with the vehicle. We would recommend these drawer systems to anyone, we cannot fault the excellent service we received from RV Storage Solutions. They are not cheap, but are built very strong from Australian products, this makes them well worth the cost.

Kym & Lorraine Hewett
11 November, 2016