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Drawer Modules - ECOLITE

ADR Crash Test Certified

Quick, easy and affordable solutions to your storage problems.

SINGLE OR TWIN MODULES – the choice is yours…

ECOLITE  Module drawers are built as either single or twin drawers at the time of manufacture.

ECOLITE Module drawers can be stacked on top of one another.

However, ECOLITE  Modules cannot be joined side-by-side to other EcoLite Modules due to the bearing panel bolts protruding.

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Which drawer system is best suited to my needs?
We have several videos that discuss the different drawer styles we offer.

The best value drawers on the market are now even more affordable!

Strong, dependable and economical storage drawers with all the features of our Ute and Wagon models minus the Wing Kit. Mount them on any solid, flat surface,  load them up and go.

Using construction methods only seen in the Aeronautical industry to date, we have designed a smart, light and tough, full steel roller bearing twin drawer storage system that’s also light on the hip pocket, a winner all round!

Single Module

ABOVE: EcoLite modules, either single or double, can be stacked on top of each other.  Due to the bearing panel bolts (seen above) two singles cannot be joined side-by-side.

EcoLite wing kit image

Part Number and RRP
EL-TM-900    RRP $625.00 each       Size O/A: L900  x W485mm
EL-TM-1000  RRP $670.00 each       Size O/A: L1000  x W510mm
EL-TM-1400  RRP $700.00 each       Size O/A: L1400  x W510mm
EL-TM-1700  RRP $760.00 each       Size O/A: L1700  x W510mm
EL-TM-1800  RRP $780.00 each       Size O/A: L1800  x W510mm

EL-900-SW     RRP $175.00
EL-1000-SW   RRP $180.00
EL-1400-SW   RRP $200.00
EL-1700-SW   RRP $215.00
EL-1800-SW   RRP $220.00

+$50.00  Prado, Colorado 7/Trailblazer, Territory (includes “Z” brackets/ sub frame)
   N/A:  Everest, Jeep, Suzuki Vitara

EL-1000 single drawer module31kg approx 
EL-1400 single drawer module42kg approx
ADR LOAD RATING: 75kg across the system.

Twin Module

Part Number and RRP
EL-TM-900    RRP $1250.00       Size O/A: L900  x W970mm
EL-TM-1000  RRP $1340.00       Size O/A: L1000  x W1020mm
EL-TM-1400  RRP $1400.00       Size O/A: L1400  x W1020mm
EL-TM-1700  RRP $1520.00       Size O/A: L1700  x W1020mm
EL-TM-1800  RRP $1560.00       Size O/A: L1800  x W1020mm

EL-900-TW     RRP $349.00
EL-1000-TW   RRP $359.00
EL-1400-TW   RRP $399.00
EL-1700-TW   RRP $429.00
EL-1800-TW   RRP $439.00

+$50.00  Prado, Colorado 7/Trailblazer, Territory (includes “Z” brackets/ sub frame)
   N/A:  Everest, Jeep, Suzuki Vitara

EL-1000 twin drawer module: 62kg approx 
EL-1400 twin drawer module: 
85kg approx
150kg across the system.

EcoLite wing kit image

ABOVE: EcoLite twin drawer MODULES are great value drawers that have many of the top quality features of our Premium drawers, minus the wings, cost and weight. They are ideal for any ute, tray back or van. Simply bolt them down to any flat surface, load them up and get to work.

ABOVE: EcoLite  Twin Drawer Modules can be stacked on top of  each other for maximum storage.

RV Premium Alloy and Steel Modules unique features: -

  • Stainless steel drawer locks
  • Dual bottom bearings
  • Dimpled drawer bearing panels – the stongest in the business!
  • Strong durable and secure
  • Flush fitted heavy duty lift up tie downs
  • Marine grade UV stable carpet finish
  • Facias finished in easy clean ripple finish powder coat, matching the drawer fronts

NOTE: A canopy or solid tub cover is recommended for ute applications. Our drawers are tough but not intended for daily exposure to the elements.