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Tourer-1 - PREMIUM

for Landcruiser 80 / 100 / 200 Series, GU Patrol and Y62 Patrol

ADR Crash Test Certified


This set up has it all! 85 litres of fridge freezer, plenty of storage space and a cargo shelf for your tables and chairs or your Satallite Dish and Solar panel, plus a Slim Line Drawer for the cutlery and plates!
The Tourer unit is extravagant and the top end of town.

Our Alloy drawers account for more than 50% of our drawer orders.

They are the lightest 4WD drawers on the market by far.
RV Alloy drawers offer a considerable weight saving over traditional steel drawers. Typical weight saving for an Alloy Twin Drawer system as opposed to a steel twin drawer system in a Land Cruiser 200 Series is 31kg!!!
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TOURER-1 system fitted to a Y61 Patrol
The Tourer-1 utilises the Bushman 85 litre upright fridge, and when teamed up with the RV Drawer Extension Table it’s winning system!



Tourer-1 open slim line drawerTourer-1 open slim line drawer
The Slim Line Pantry Drawer is fully carpet lined, ideal for cutlery and plates. The Tourer-1 really is the complete traveling system.
tourer-1 with bushman 85 litre + slim drawertourer-1 with bushman 85 litre + slim drawer
Tourer-1 features the lightweight Bushman 85 ltr upright fridge and Slim Line Pantry Drawer above the double stack. *Excludes drawer lid pictured.

TWO  DRAWERS - Bottom drawer is H275mm, top drawer is H365mm and Slim Line drawer is H90mm. Length is vehicle specific

SLIM LINE DRAWER - The all alloy Slim Line Drawer is constructed from 2mm aluminium alloy and uses quality 100% full extension 30kg rated runners.

BUSHMAN 85 FRIDGE - The Bushman 85  is a lightweight unit with a total capacity of 85 Litres and 21.5KG in weight. This allows easy access to your items while negating the need for a fridge slide, saving both weight and money. 

DIMENSIONS: O/A - W1020 X H765mm

TOTAL WEIGHT:  94kg  approx. (L1000 alloy)
EAC-2:  51kg
Bushman DX85: 21.5kg        
SlimDrawer:  10kg
Cargo Shelf  11.5kg

Premium Steel - RRP $4,499.00

Premium Alloy - RRP $4,699.00

RV Premium Alloy and Steel Drawer Systems unique features: -

  • Stainless steel drawer locks
  • Quick release drawers on Premium range
  • Dual bottom bearings
  • Dimpled drawer bearing panels – the stongest in the business!
  • Strong durable and secure
  • Flush fitted heavy duty lift up tie downs
  • Full size lift out side wing panels for easy jack panel access
  • Heavy duty checker plate aluminium protective edging on Premium range 
  • One piece folded steel fridge slide (the strongest available)
  • Stainless steel, aluminium and zinc coated metal components only used
  • Wing Kits are available to allow your system to be fitted to another vehicle that accepts the same size and configuration of drawers.