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Easy Access Combo Drawers

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Alloy Drawers are your GVM saviour.
New PREMIUM ALLOY Drawers by RV are the lightest systems on the market. If you are serious about getting control of your GVM, you will need to watch this video.

Alloy drawers account for more than 50% of our drawer orders.

They are the lightest drawers on the market by far.

RV Alloy drawers offer a considerable weight saving over traditional steel drawers. Typical weight saving for an Alloy Twin Drawer system as opposed to a steel twin drawer system in a Land Cruiser 200 Series is 31kg!!!

Easy Access Combo - 1 Level

The Easy Access Combo 1 (EAC-1) is one drawer and space for a low mounted fridge slide in the orientation you prefer either left or right. This combo is particularly useful when you have a large fridge such as a 60 litre or larger and you simply must put it on the floor for it to fit in your vehicle.

It is also a safe way to get the fridge down to a manageable height, improving the centre of gravity in your vehicle.

If you need extra storage room you can always add another single drawer module on top of the bottom drawer for a double drawer stack. This drawer is easily removed when your trip is over.

We can even supply an optional carpeted Infill Panel to cover the fridge slide area to give you a flat floor when your fridge is not in the car.

With four different sized heavy duty fridge slides available we are sure we can accommodate any fridge size and weight.
Now that’s flexibility!!

prado 150 easy access combo fs1 fridge slide

Premium Easy Access Combo – 1 Level fitted to a Prado 150 Wagon.
(RV-EAC-1) The EAC-1 Combo allows easy access to your fridge with the slide down low. (Fitted with optional extra RV-FS-1 fridge slide).

Easy Access Combo - 2 Level

The Easy Access Combo 2 (EAC-2) double stack can be two Standard Height drawers stacked, a mixture of Standard and Trade Height, or two Trade Height drawers.

This setup maximises available storage while enabling big fridges to be kept low for easy access and good weight distribution.

The top drawer of your EAC-2 is easily removed when your trip is over if you wish to use an Infill Panel for a “flat floor” effect.

The optional Cargo Shelf is designed for use with a Standard plus Trade Height double stack and is only available for drawer units 900 and 1000mm long.

200 Series Landcruiser EAC-2 drawer system

Premium Easy Access Combo – 2 Level.
(RV-EAC-2) The EAC-2 Combo shown is the Wagon configuration. It’s the best way to get your large or small fridge down low. (Shown fitted with optional extra RV-FS-1 fridge slide and Cargo Shelf 2).

PREMIUM EASY ACCESS COMBOS have all the features of our Twin Drawer systems.

The flush fitting dimpled side panels are unique to our drawers. Bearing bolts are fitted into these pressings creating the strongest, flush fitting side panels in the business. With the advantage of no protruding bolt heads, the bearing panels can be carpeted on the outside for quieter, safer cargo storage in the wing area. (Note bearing panels are supplied galvanised).
Plus drawer width specified is the total width.

Specially made full width bearings provide longer life to both the bearing and drawer runner and are the strongest in the industry.

We have designed and added a new stronger locking system with new heavy duty lock barrels to keep your valuable gear safe.


4WD WAGONS can have an EAC-2 in the following configurations:

2x Standard Height drawers
(this will not fit a Cargo Shelf)

1x Standard Height bottom drawer
1x Trade Height for top drawer only.
(this WILL fit a Cargo Shelf)

UTILITIES can have an EAC-2 in the following configurations:

2x Standard Height drawers
(this will not fit a Cargo Shelf)

2x Trade Height drawers
(this will not fit a Cargo Shelf)

1x Standard + 1x Trade Height (top or bottom) drawers
(this WILL fit a Cargo Shelf)