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Drawers available NOW for the 2023 Volkswagen Amarok!

RV Storage Solutions is proudly first to market with drawers available for the full range of 2023 Volkswagen Amarok models. Check out the video above to see them in action! Whether you have the Core, Life, Pan Americana, Style, or Aventura version, we’ve got you covered! Check out our latest price guide pages 155-159 for more info and pricing.

RV Storage Solutions NEW Alloy Fridge Enclosure Range

Keep your fridge stored away safely and conveniently with our brand new RV Storage Solutions Alloy Fridge Enclosure range! Available now to suit a huge variety of fridges and can be retro fitted to an existing slide if desired. Our enclosures are engineered for maximum airflow to ensure your fridge motor can operate optimally. The unique design allows you to stack all of your gear around your fridge for maximum space savings and includes a top shelf with multiple tie-down points for secure storage and transport of your cargo. The top side rails can be removed with ease to stack longer cargo across if required. Paired up with an RV Storage Solutions Fridge Slide and Tie-Down Straps, access to your fridge has never been easier! Call us today to find out which Enclosure is suited to your specific fridge and vehicle.

RV Storage Solutions NEW Travel Slide Drawer

RV Storage Solutions is proud to present the latest addition to the alloy family, The Travel Slide Drawer. Featuring a Slimline Drawer with Inbuilt Fridge Slide, this combo extends out, locks out, and provides a fantastic bit of extra work or prep space. The Inbuilt Fridge Slide accommodates a large range of different fridges, and slides out full length, allowing easy access out the back of your vehicle. Four strong recessed tie-down points are included to ensure your fridge is secured safely during travel. The strong steel runners can handle a weight load of up to 225KG!

The Slimline Drawer is perfect for storing smaller items such as tools for the tradies, or plates, bowls and cutlery if being used for cooking needs. Coming with a Travel Slide Drawer Lid, it turns into a flat bench top. For the ultimate way to maximise your workspace an RV Storage Solutions Extension Table can be added on, giving almost a whopping two meters of bench space! It can be installed as a standalone module or included as an addon to RV Storage Solutions’ most popular product, The Easy Access Combo.

Available in 5 lengths – 900L, 1000L, 1400L, 1450L, 1500L.

RV Storage Solutions NEW Cargo Slide

We have recently completed a major design upgrade to these beasts.

Made from premium steel, our slides and the premium runners can carry a weight of up to 250kg which is perfect for holding anything from a screwdriver right up to a generator or even 10 bags of concrete! The smooth runner system allows for single handed operation when opening and closing.

The Black Powdercoated back and side lips come with multiple tie down points, so strapping your cargo in securely has never been easier. These can be removed with ease if not required.

We also include 4 x Black Powdercoated Stainless Steel Sprung Tie Down loops, and more can be fitted as needed and positioned where you need.

The Carpeted Top means your cargo will stay safe from scuffing. The colour looks great inside all vehicle colours and is a perfect match with the Premium Black Powdercoated Checkerplate Trim

No more climbing into the back of your vehicle to get to your equipment! The slide locks out securely at full length preventing rollback and provides a great work bench – Simply press the yellow release latch to slide it back in.

The trusty RV travel lock ensures your slide remains silent and secure during travel, even in the harshest of conditions.

Suitable for ALL utes.

Call us today to discuss sizing and pricing.

Slimline Battery Cradle

ABOVE: A LandCruiser 300 Series Slimline Battery Cradle.
BELOW: Slimline Battery Cradle shown fitted to the Landcruiser 300 drawers subframe ‘Z’ brackets (not included).

Have a look at our new battery cradle to hold your slimline lithium battery. The cradle compliments the existing subframe utilizing the previously wasted space in vehicles that have the RVSS drawer systems with subframes.

Best suited for the 100 Amp Hour Revolution Slimline Lithium Battery model RPL12-100LD Slimline LiFePO4 Deep-Cycle Lithium.

Run 2 of these in parallel for an awesome 12V 200 Amp Hour setup in our double slimline battery cradle available for the Toyota Landcruiser 300 series!

Available now for these vehicles:

  • Nissan Y62 patrol
  • Toyota 150 series Prado
  • Toyota 300 series (5 & 7 seat)
  • 2021+ MU-x
  • Ford Everest

Next-Gen Ford Everest Drawers

Toyota Landcruiser 300 Series Drawers

Once again our extremely talented engineer, Hayden Oliver, has finalised the “FIRST EVER 300 SERIES 4WD DRAWERS & ACCESSORIES.” The 300 series pictured below is fitted with a Premium Alloy Easy Access Combo-1 1000L x 1020W x 275H and Fridge Slide-1(RV-FS-1).
Check out the video above and give us a call at 03 5428 4426 for more information.

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