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ASG 4x4 200 Series RVSS fitout

This ASG 4x4 Landcruiser 200 Series fitout is amazing. Featuring RVSS drawers fitted by TJM Coopers Plains, this has everything organised for your travel. Watch as James from ASG takes you through it.


Prado 150 Cargo Barrier and Top Shelf / Dividing Barrier Combo

Prado 150 wagons are among the most popular 4WD used for touring. Today we look at how RVSS can transform the cargo area turning this vehicle into an exceptional touring machine. We fit twin drawers, half cargo barrier and top shelf / dividing barrier combo making access to your gear a breeze.

RV Tilt Slide Combo

Exclusive to RV Storage Solutions, the NEW Tilt Slide Combo is the fridge access system everyone has been looking for.
It is a complete fridge slide and vented barrier all in one product – available in two sizes to suit most fridges.

Featuring full aluminium construction this gas strut assisted slide gently and safely
tilts your fridge to an angle that makes accessing the contents easy.
When completely tilted, the mechanism locks into place.
It cannot descend on its own, making it safe for all ages to use.
Raising the fridge is effortless also. The fridge weight is counter balanced by the gas
struts. Simply flick the locking lever and begin lifting the slide. It will float upwards,
then slide back.
With interchangeable gas strut dynamics to match your load, life just gets easier.
The built in Cargo Shelf allows cargo to be stored on both sides and on top of the
fridge while the vent holes punched side panels allow for plenty of ventilation. No
more hassles with gear falling behind your fridge when the slide it extended.
This Combo is compact, light and great value! One purchase does it al!!
Weighing only 25kgs* in total weight, it’s great news for helping with your GVM.
Best of all, they are made in Australia by the Oliver family so you know they’re good.

• 250kg rated slide runners
• Gas strut assisted
• Tough ripple finish powder coating
• Combo-1 suits Engel 40 litre and similar size fridges
• Combo-2.25 suits Waeco 75 and similar size fridges

New batch available mid-to late January.



Tilt Slide Combo-1
RRP $749.00
Part No: RV-TSCombo-1
O/A size: L780 x W500 x H610mm
Tray size: L700 x W400mm (internal)
Tray to Shelf: H520mm (fridge height space)
Shelf Height: H47mm
Max Drop: 273mm
Runner Rating: 250kg
Gas Strut: 200lb standard
250lb optional heavy strut
Weight: 25kg (incl. Slide & Cargo Shelf)

Tilt Slide Combo-2.25
RRP $849.00
Part No: RV-TSCombo-2.25
O/A size: L990 x W608x H610mm
Tray size: L904 x W505mm (internal)
Tray to Shelf: H520mm (fridge height space)
Shelf Height: H47mm
Max Drop: 275mm
Runner Rating: 250kg
Gas Strut: 250lb standard
300lb optional heavy strut
Weight: 33.5kg (incl. Slide & Cargo Shelf)


Fridge Slide Comparison by RV

Selecting the best fridge/slide combination for your ute or wagon can enhance your enjoyment or make life on the road a pain. There is the safety factor to consider too. Big fridges up high are not good for your vehicles weight distribution and dangerous for user, especially young ones and the elderly.

Here we look at the pros and cons of the slides available from RVSS.
Give us a call on (03) 5428 4426 if you have any queries about your application.


Dual Cab Full Length Cargo Shelf by RV

Ute owners with RV’s 1400mm long fridge slide can rejoice as we have now introduced the Dual Cab Full Length Cargo Shelf Combo. With ventilated all alloy construction this Top Shelf Combo allows cargo to be packed around your fridge without falling into the space behind when the slide is out. What a relief!