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Premium Twin Drawer Systems

ADR Crash Test Certified

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Alloy drawers account for more than 50% of
our drawer orders.

They are the lightest drawers on the market by far.

RV Alloy drawers offer a considerable weight saving over traditional steel drawers. Typical weight saving for an Alloy Twin Drawer system as opposed to a steel twin drawer system in a Land Cruiser 200 Series is 31kg!!!

Whether you’re an avid 4WDriver or a Sunday driver, you will appreciate quality built gear.

RV Storage Solutions live breath and design nothing but premium quality vehicle storage systems. You could say we are experts. Our drawer systems are the best finished in the business and compliment your vehicles’ factory finish. They have proven themselves in the harsh outback and returned without any annoying sqeaks or rattles, as solid as the day they left the factory. In fact, when they are installed by one of our national dealers, we give you a lifetime warranty.
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Alloy Drawers are your GVM saviour.
New PREMIUM ALLOY Drawers by RV are the lightest systems on the market. If you are serious about getting control of your GVM, you will need to watch this video.

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Twin Drawers – PREMIUM &  EcoLite comparison
A look at our two most popular drawer systems explaining the differences between them.

nissan y62 patrol alloy twin drawers open

ABOVE: Nissan Y62 Patrol fitted with Premium Alloy 1000mm long twin drawers.

Features unique to RVSS drawers
The flush fitting dimpled side panels are unique to our drawers. Bearing bolts are fitted into these pressings creating the strongest, flush fitting side panels in the business. With the advantage of no protruding bolt heads, the bearing panels can be carpeted on the outside for quieter, safer cargo storage in the wing area. (Note bearing panels are supplied galvanised). 
Specially made full width bearings provide longer life to both the bearing and drawer runner and are the strongest in the industry.

We have designed and added a new stronger locking system with new heavy duty lock barrels to keep your valuable gear safe.

Features at a glance:
  • Dimpled side panels, the strongest in the business
  • Flush external sides, no protrusions – can be carpeted
  • New stronger locking system with new heavy duty lock barrels
  • Special full width bearings spread load for longer runner life
  • All galvanised and aluminium construction
  • Marine grade UV stable carpet finish
  • Carpet facias and drawer fronts are standard.​​

EcoLite Twin Drawers are the best value drawer on the market. Available in steel only.

Easy Access Combos are available in steel and alloy. They get your fridge down low for easy access.

The TOURER-1 has been designed around the Bushman 85 litre upright fridge. A great “complete” system. Available in steel and alloy.

All alloy, carpet lined stand-alone drawer unit with 100% extension.