Alloy Freestanding Fridge Slides

Lightweight Alloy Fridge Slide

Introducing the new GVM friendly RV aluminium freestanding fridge slides. 
The entire slide is crafted from lightweight aluminium whilst keeping the RV classic design. Complete with our unique travel lock this slide delivers on tough useability and saves an average of 4KG (compared to steel) or just under 9lbs in weight per slide. Wow!!
Finished in a resilient powder coated onyx pearl ripple, it looks good as well!!
NOTE: Warranty is void if your Fridge is not tightly secured with correct brackets or tie down straps ( for RV Fridge Tie Downs click here >).
Check out RV’s 4 Different Fridge Slides and decide which slide suits you best!! 

Free Standing Heavy Duty Alloy Slides

LEFT & ABOVE:  The RV-FS travel lock prevents movement of the slide tray during rough travel, protecting the lock in, lock out mechanism on the runners.


IMG_9239 - black backgroundIMG_9239 - black background
Alloy Fridge Slide -1 with travel lock suitable for fridges up to 50 litres
200 Series - EAC-1 with Black Trim200 Series - EAC-1 with Black Trim
Alloy Fridge Slide -2 in EAC-1 drawer system with Infil Panel and Premium Black finish in 200 Series
200 Series - EAC-1 w FS-1 (Alloy).1.1200 Series - EAC-1 w FS-1 (Alloy).1.1
Alloy Fridge Slide-1 in EAC-1 drawer system and Cargo Barrier in a 200 series