Storage - Forward Twin Floor

ADR crash test certified for your family's safety.

RV's Forward Twin Floor Storage is an extremely versatile storage option for a couple on the move.

The rated Forward Twin Floor storage system has been designed for maximum safe vehicle storage. 

The rear passenger seats are removed and a rigid steel frame is bolted to the floor and to the RV drawer system. 

Carpeted timber floors are installed on the steel frame creating a vast storage area top and bottom. A forward rated RV Half Cargo Barrier can be installed (recommended) in addition to the rear half barrier giving maximum driver protection and increased safe storage.

RV sprung loaded stainless steel Tie Down Points are available and can be fitted to the top floor fitted by the purchaser.

This system has been vigorously tested by our automotive engineers and road tested by RV in harsh outback conditions. It will stand up anywhere you want to take it and proved an absolute godsend living out of the vehicle for a month or more. If you intend to do long stints in the bush with your vehicle this system is for you.

If only the bottom floor is installed, larger fridges can be mounted straight to the floor for side door access.

76, 100, 200 Series Landcruiser, 150 Prado, GU and Y62 Patrol.

RV Forward Twin Floor is the ultimate setup for two people travelling in a wagon. Here’s a peek at the Forward Twin Floor fitted to the popular 200 Series Land Cruiser.

RV Forward Twin Floor is the ideal long distance touring setup. Let’s look at the system setup in this 76 Series Land Cruiser.


76 forward twin floor side door_304476 forward twin floor side door_3044
76 Series Landcruiser showing the massive storage available when fitted with RV Forward Twin Floor and Forward Half Cargo Barrier.
76 forward twin floor side door76 forward twin floor side door
76 Series Landcruiser fitted with Forward Twin Floor and Foward Half Cargo Barrier.
150 prado forward floor complete150 prado forward floor complete
150 Prado with Forward Twin Floor and Forward Half Cargo Barrier.