Easy Access Combo 2 – L1300 x W970

Above Price is in Steel

+300 for Alloy

+100 per drawer for Trade Height 

Excludes freight and fitting charges.

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The Easy Access Combo 2 (EAC-2) double stack can be two Standard Height drawers stacked, a mixture of Standard and Trade Height, or two Trade Height drawers. This combo is particularly useful when you have a large fridge such as a 60 litre or larger and you simply must put it on the floor for it to fit in your vehicle. It is also a safe way to get the fridge down to a manageable height, giving easy access to the contents and improving the centre of gravity in your vehicle. The fridge slide cavity is completely finished with carpet (bottom, sides and back) as standard. Be sure to specify your fridge size to allow the correct space for the fridge slide. NOTE: The fridge slides that will fit this vehicle/drawer setup are the RV-FS-1 and FS-1.5 (suitable for 40-50 litre fridges), the FS-2 (suitable for 60 litre fridges), the FS-2.25 (suits Waeco CFX 75) and the FS-2.5 (suits Waeco CFX 95). Please check your fridge size before ordering``
Size: L1300 x W970x H275mm (Width is vehicle specific)
Steel: T.B.A
Alloy: T.B.A.

Additional information

Dimensions 1300 × 970 × 550 mm